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Greenlight Planet’s SunKing

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Barefoot Power

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Energy Saving Products

You’ll definitely get your money’s worth for the ‘Jikokoa ’ stove it’s  safe, efficient, energy saving, and unarguably durable with it’s  abrasion- and thermal shock-resistant ceramic liner that’s  surrounded by a precision-cut, sheet metal cladding. 

Energy Saving Products

Greenlight Planet’s Eco Solar Lamp is an affordable LED powered solar lamp that is 2 times brighter than a kerosene lamp. It comes with a detachable solar panel and can be operated on its low-brightness setting for over 30 hours.

Energy Saving Products

Greenlight Planet’s Pro2 Solar Lamp is an LED powered solar lamp that is 15 times brighter than a kerosene lamp. It comes with a detachable solar panel, 2 USB ports that can  charge 2 phones simulatneously , 3 lighting modes (low, spot and turbo) and can last upto 36 hours on a single sunny day charge. 

Energy Saving Products

Greenlight Planet’s Mobile is the most affordable solar home light with a mobile charger. It is 8 times brighter than a kerosene lamp. It comes with a detachable solar panel, a 5.5 volt USB phone charging port with several phone adapters for compatibility, adjustable brightness settings and can last upto 36 hours on a single sunny day charge.

Barefoot Power

The Barefoot Connect 600 is a home solar system that provides light and phone charging power for your family home.  The 4 bright LED lamps can light up four rooms at once providing light for studying, socializing or income-generating activities. It can light up a house for up to 8 hours or more.

Barefoot Power

Firefly portable solar lamp with phone charging. The battery will recharge in 4-6 hours with direct bright sunlight and can provide up to 8 hours of light. One year warranty on the lamp and all components

Barefoot Power

The Barefoot Go portable solar light has been specifically designed to meet the needs of rural markets. The ultra-bright lamp can illuminate an entire room or shop.

Barefoot Power

Barefoot Connect Charge is a solar-powered phone-charging solution with 6 USB ports. It provides light and the power to operate a mobile phone-charging business.


A cook stove that makes cooking on wood more convenient, nearly smokeless, and is fast and very fuel efficient. 



Save Money


Research shows that around 15% of a family's income is spent on lighting: kerosene, candles or batteries for torches. Solar is free energy from the sun. No bills or extra costs.

Bright Light


Continual use of murky light produced by candles, kerosene or paraffin lamps can lead to eye problems due to straining. Solar lamps use LED lamps that can generate light 10 times brighter than kerosene lamps at a very low wattage.

Clean & Safe


Using Kerosene can cause fatal respiratory problems over time as a result of indoor air pollution from the wick lamps. Kerosene is also very flamable and can cause accidental fires. Solar energy is environmentally friendly. They are safer & healthier than kerosene & paraffin lamps.



SOLVATTEN® is a 10 litre, safe water heater that is powered by sunlight. It transforms water from being highly contaminated and dangerous to safe in a matter of hours. Keep exposing SOLVATTEN® to sunlight and it will heat the water (up to 75⁰C), making it suitable for wide range of domestic purposes.

SOLVATTEN® has an estimated lifespan of seven years and can be used several times in a day. It is an efficient way to improve health and save lives.


Versatile & Durable
The new Sun King™ PRO 2
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